“We first had Jiten Daiko perform for the Hakone Matsuri last year and it was such an exceptional and inspiring performance that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind when it came to having them return for this year’s Hakone Matsuri.  [T]heir energy was highly contagious and was the highlight of both our opening ceremony as well as our main show. In fact, I have received numerous raves and compliments on their outstanding performance. I absolutely look forward to working with them in future events.”

- Hiro Matsunami, Chairman, Hakone Japanese Supporting Committee


"Jiten Daiko is a pleasure to work with and inspiration to watch.  They are professional, highly skilled, and flexible in arranging a set that met our unique needs.  Their performance was extremely energetic and was the absolute highlight of our show.  In fact, I received numerous compliments on their drumming not only from audience members, but also from donors and media.  I look forward to working with them again in future events."

- Kay Wang, Bay Valley Chinese School