Jiten Daiko is a young Bay Area Japanese Taiko ensemble. With deep respect for the taiko art form, we strive for artistic excellence in creating an exhilarating musical experience for our audiences. We ground our practice in hard work, collaboration, and a fusion of innovation and tradition. As we continue to grow under our unique training system, and draw from both Japanese and American influences, our group aspires to bring a youthful and energizing sound to the stage. Our name Jiten, or "self-powered", is inspired by our core value of consistently supporting each other in order to innovate faster and grow our collective energy.


Our Mission Statements

Stress Relief, Fun and Joy

How does Jiten contribute to the mental and emotional well being of all members? Jiten Daiko helps members to have fun/relieve stress by releasing endorphins via physical activities, and by providing social opportunities outside of practice.

Safe space to express your self

How does Jiten create safe space to allow individuals to express themselves? Through sensitive, consistent, multi-directional communication, and through creative experimentation, Jiten Daiko fosters an environment that encourages individuals to express their opinions with the expectation that they will be heard and respected in all situations.

Horizontal Politics

How do we maintain horizontal politics? We maintain horizontal politics thru transparent communication, by sharing responsibilities, and by prioritizing group over ego.

Why do we maintain horizontal politics? We maintain horizontal politics so that each member is empowered to make decisions and take actions that are in the best interest of the group.

Connecting and Building Community

Taiko Community: We cultivate taiko community in the bay area thru active organizing, collaborative events, and by supporting other taiko artists.

Local Community: We honor the history of taiko as a tool for empowerment in marginalized communities through specific workshops and performances, and through community engagement

Exploration and Experimentation

How do we explore and experiment? By fostering an open mind in all of our members, by challenging conventions, and by encouraging members to bring their full self to the creative process

Why do explore and experiment? In order to discover authentic expressions of self and in order to bring new ideas to the taiko community


Jiten Daiko is proud to be an affiliate of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco.




“We first had Jiten Daiko perform for the Hakone Matsuri last year and it was such an exceptional and inspiring performance that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind when it came to having them return for this year’s Hakone Matsuri.  [T]heir energy was highly contagious and was the highlight of both our opening ceremony as well as our main show. In fact, I have received numerous raves and compliments on their outstanding performance. I absolutely look forward to working with them in future events.”

- Hiro Matsunami, Chairman, Hakone Japanese Supporting Committee


“Jiten Daiko truly uplifted the spirits and good will at an Ikebana International Flower Show.  They started the ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration with a great bang!  Their performance was beautifully orchestrated with animated performers who seemed to dance to their spots on the drums and made for a classy, elegant beginning to this show.  The arrangements and organization were made easy with [their Business Director’s] efficient and pleasant manner.”

- Joan Finnie, President Emeritus, Ikebana International SF Bay Area


"Jiten Daiko is a pleasure to work with and inspiration to watch.  They are professional, highly skilled, and flexible in arranging a set that met our unique needs.  Their performance was extremely energetic and was the absolute highlight of our show.  In fact, I received numerous compliments on their drumming not only from audience members, but also from donors and media.  I look forward to working with them again in future events."

- Kay Wang, Bay Valley Chinese School


“A word of thanks for sharing your talent with the community at the annual Autumn Moon Festival held last weekend.  Jiten Daiko certainly added vibrant spirit to the festivities.  I have been the entertainment director for this event for over twenty years and I wish to thank you for being such professionals and being flexible when I had to make last minute changes in our schedule.  The audience and media alike applaud your drumming and I look forward to working with you again…”

- Cynthia Yee, Entertainment Coordinator, SF Autumn Moon Festival